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ClickPuzzle is arcade-style puzzle game for Windows.
Author:Andrey Krutikov
Contact E-mail Address:akrutikov@softakgames.com

Download ClickPuzzle (1.25 MB)

Register online($11.95) via RegNow!

Description of ClickPuzzle

ClickPuzzle is a fun arcade-style puzzle game for Windows, it is suitable for all ages. You will spend much time with this game because it is easy and mind free game. The goal of ClickPuzzle is to earn points by removing tiles from the game board. Tiles can be removed only in groups of identical pictures. Game field will be packed after removing tiles. Game is over if all groups removed.

There are 10+ sizes of the game field (but only two of them are avalible in unregistered version), 5 levels of difficulty, many tilesets and will have plesure with this game.

The game features include:

- There is no time limit in ClickPuzzle, so you can play as quickly or as patiently as you wish.
- You can return the removed tiles as many as you wish.
- 10+ sizes of the puzzle (ranked from 10x10 to 35x30).
- 4 original thematic tile sets (Numbers, Gradient, Colors, Diamond, Egiptian, Signs).
- 5 difficulty settings (from Easy to Hardest)
- Fun and engaging sound effects.

Limitations in unregistered version :
1. You have recive notify dialog.
2. Accessible 2 size of game (10 x 10 and 15 x 15).


ClickPuzzle is arcade-style puzzle game for Windows. ClickPuzzle is arcade-style puzzle game for Windows. ClickPuzzle is arcade-style puzzle game for Windows.


- Windows 95/98/NT4
- PC with 80486 processor (Pentium recommended)
- 8 Mb of RAM (32 MB recommended)
- Mouse
- 1 Mb of free hard disk space
- 256-color (or higher) display (True Color or High Color recommended)
As registered user :
1. You don't recive notify dialog.
2. Free upgrades to the software.
3. Free technical support.
4. Accessible larger size of game.
Finally, by registering the software, you provide us with the resources and incentive to support the software with updates and to develop additional quality shareware products in the future.
Free to try, $11.95 if you decide to keep it. Internet Orders from Secure Servers: